by capital-wpadm

SilkPort Capital Management,
Large Enough to Make a Difference, Yet Small Enough to Care

As an international boutique investment firm, SilkPort Capital Management, as fund strategy advisor and investment manager, employs proprietary capital and investment strategies to develop and manage profitable, risk adverse and growing investment funds. Through a range of innovative investment and risk management strategies, our proactive approach, patience, and perseverance permits us to effectively understand today’s markets, saving time and thereby effectively implementing the premier strategy warranted.

Whether structuring opportunities and investment strategies or providing a proactive market approach, at SilkPort Capital Management, our culture ensures an innovative, yet business like, approach to the assessment of market opportunities. Together with our partners and stakeholders, we can create opportunistic strategies based on sustainable fundamentals.

While we may offer an innovative range of investment opportunities and strategies, we acknowledge that every market opportunity requires a unique strategy.

Through their proven expertise and hands-on approach, our seasoned veterans are accustomed to innovatively creating value through knowledge and transforming sustainability into strategy.

Ultimately, at SilkPort Capital Management, our vision is simple and clear.  We aim to be the investment manager of choice for our investors, partners and stakeholders; our vehicle, the proficient delivery of profitable opportunities, supported by innovative ideas, and driven by a team of astute and dedicated professionals.

Our Mission

To succeed in today’s complex and volatile marketplace, investors, partners and stakeholders need more than a mere fee oriented investment manager.

They need a strategic and innovative investment manager and partner.

At SilkPort Capital Management, our team of seasoned financial professionals constantly deliver effective and comprehensive investment and capital strategies with an eye on risk mitigation. We strive to create exceptional value in our managed funds and believe in practical strategies through a streamlined process that enable efficient and rapid decision making procedures with flexible and innovative investment structuring practices.

Our objective is to provide resources and stewardship to improve and grow each of our managed funds, thereby producing superb, risk-adjusted returns for our investors and stakeholders.

Ultimately, we measure our success by the strength of our relationships, and we measure ourselves by the degree to which we live up to our mission.

Our Values

Even as SilkPort Capital Management continues to build on a foundation of investment management excellence, we do not forget that our core values have driven and continue to drive our daily and long-term business decisions.  They provide the framework for us to meet our mission and serve as a foundation for sustainable growth and profitability.

By adhering to a strong set of core values that reflect what is truly important to SilkPort Capital Management, they act as our ethical compass, form the core of our culture, and are the basis of our activities.

Discover how these values guide the way SilkPort Capital Management makes decisions, how we live these core values as part of our daily activities, and how we have structured ourselves around these values.