Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

by capital-wpadm

SilkPort Capital Management,
Dedicated to Excellence, Committed to Performance

investment philosophy

In SilkPort Capital’s strive for excellence, we are guided by a philosophy centered on the provision of quality investment strategies to the funds we manage and committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards in everything that we do; this philosophy is what sets us apart from others. Our commitment to proactive, unique and innovative fund management and investment strategies is a vital component of our ideals and corporate culture.

Even as SilkPort continues to build on a foundation of excellence, we do not forget that our core values continue to drive our daily and long-term business decisions. They provide the framework for us to meet our objectives and serve as a foundation for sustainable growth and profitability.

At SilkPort Capital Management, our philosophy and culture are characterized by responsible management and advice, sustainable growth, and meticulous risk management. By adhering to a strong philosophy that reflect what is truly important to SilkPort Capital Management as a company, they act as our ethical compass, form the core of our corporate culture, and are the basis of our activities.

In today’s world, SilkPort Capital Management recognizes that success lies first and foremost in recruiting and retaining staff with the highest potential, turning that potential into a constantly expanding body of expertise and creating channels flexible enough to ensure that expertise can flow from any one part of our network to any other.

Time and again, SilkPort Capital Management has depended on being ahead of the others. As an international boutique investment firm, SilkPort Capital Management operates in a highly competitive and demanding environment. The provision of fund strategy advising and investment management to our managed funds depends upon maintaining the highest standards of objectivity, forming a strong bond with each of our investors, partners and stakeholders, keeping informed and up to date on relevant developments in the markets and in industry opportunities, and constantly updating our strategies to reflect our ever-changing environment. Faster communications, better market information, new approaches and new strategies; these are what have given us flexibility, advantage and an edge across changing times and circumstances.