Advisory Board

Advisory Board

by capital-wpadm

SilkPort Capital Management,
Insight Thru Dynamic Perspectives

SilkPort Capital’s structure provides for an Advisory Board which may be called upon, from time to time, by the Directors individually or by the entire Board to advise on overall or specific aspects of business and strategy. The Advisory Board may also be called to give its opinion on market opportunities and to recommend about strategy accordingly.

Members of the Advisory Board possess a wide range of skills and expertise, enabling them to present a valuable contribution to SilkPort Capital Management.

The Advisory Board, composed of accomplished and highly qualified business and industry professionals offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives, provides SilkPort Capital Management with additional resources to:

  • develop an understanding of various business, market and industry trends;
  • garner wisdom on issues raised;
  • gain unbiased insights and ideas from a third point-of-view;
  • encourage and support new investments and ideas;
  • access social networking platforms;
  • encourage the development of a governance framework that would enable sustained growth;
  • monitor business performance; and,
  • identify challenges for management that could improve the Company.

The Advisory Board provides non-binding strategic advice to SilkPort Capital Management in addition to assisting Executive Management in making the appropriate decisions and taking effective action; however, the Advisory Board does not have any authority to vote on company matters nor does the Advisory Board bear any responsible for management decisions or have any legal or fiduciary responsibility to the Company.