Board of Directors

Board of Directors

by capital-wpadm

SilkPort Capital Management,
Innovation Guided by Common Sense

At SilkPort Capital Management, our independence is central to our investment approach as our seasoned professionals have successfully navigated all stages of the investment cycle. By leveraging their extensive management and expertise, SilkPort Capital’s team is always well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities emerging in rapidly evolving markets and industries.

Accountable, Transparent, Ethical, Visionary; these traits shape the character and foundation of SilkPort Capital’s Executive Management professionals. SilkPort Capital Management Executives oversee the day to day affairs of the Company. While guided by the long term goals and strategies set forth by the Board of Directors, SilkPort Capital Management Executives are charged with the responsibility of following and implementing such long term goals and strategies.

SilkPort Capital’s Board of Directors oversee the Company’s general course of affairs and its business while setting long term goals and strategies. Additionally, the Board of Directors is charged with assisting and advising Executive Management. In performing their duties, the Board of Directors are guided by the interests of SilkPort Capital Management, the funds managed by the Company, the various companies connected with it, and take into account the relevant interests of all SilkPort Capital Management partners and stakeholders.

The presiding Directors of SilkPort Capital Management are: