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Our Funds

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SilkPort Capital Management, where partners and stakeholders thrive

At SilkPort Capital Management, we devote much time and world-class resources to developing exceptional partner, investor and stakeholder relationships. Dedicated focus and expertise, collaborative relationships, risk mitigation, and a diligent value creation strategy is what SilkPort Capital Management is all about.

At SilkPort Capital Management, our partners, investors and stakeholders not only do well, they prosper.

SilkPort Capital Management, experience and reliability you can depend on

At SilkPort Capital Management, we guarantee innovative, effective and comprehensive investment and capital strategies for all of our managed funds. Our team of seasoned investment professionals and their history of success speak for themselves.

As a boutique investment management firm, we seek to generate, through our various managed investment funds, positive absolute returns to our partners, investors and stakeholder by means of combining current income with capital appreciation. While our main objective is for our managed Funds to achieve superior returns and mid to long term capital growth together with current income and stable cash-flow, our emphasis will always remain on capital preservation.

At SilkPort Capital Management, we aspire to provide our partners, investors and stakeholders the opportunity to benefit from an attractive growth and diversification characteristics. Through our unique small and mid-cap investment strategies, we are able to provide our partners, investors and stakeholders the potential to benefit from an opportunistic and proactive approach to investing.

At SilkPort Capital Management, we pride ourselves in providing our partners, investors and stakeholders, large or small, with innovative and reliable value creation opportunities devised to generate superior investment performance and positive absolute returns; after all, our business is your prosperity.

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